National Recovery Agency (NRA) is an accounts receivable management company that has been successfully providing third-party debt collection services and credit bureau reporting services to Utility companies for over two decades. We work closely with our utility clients to establish an optimal balance between productivity and quality of service. 

NRA serves all facets of the Utility Industry for both residential and businesses including:

NRA understands that Utility companies are heavily regulated by the Public Utilities Commission (PUC). Our Utility clients benefit from our experience and knowledge of the regulations imposed by the PUC. Staying current on regulations is just one of the advantages we offer our clients. 

Our experience and knowledge collecting for Utility clients guarantees you will not realize any “shortfalls” due to inexperience or lack of efficient processes.   We recognize that Utility companies are concerned about collecting revenue, but equally concerned about protecting their public image and relationships with their customers. NRA’s commitment to serving the utility industry allows us to offer leading edge business practices that maximize revenue recovery and minimize the risk to public image.

National Recovery Agency can provide a timely and comprehensive receivables management solutions for your past-due utility accounts that will help you increase profitability and reduce operational cost.  We offer a complete spectrum of first and third party recovery services that will complement your business processes and minimize charged-off accounts.

Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive receivables management solution for your delinquent utility accounts.