Business to Business receivables require personalized communications that are effective, yet sensitive to your customer's individual situation. We try to preserve the relationship between you and your customer whenever possible. Our goal is to achieve the highest possible return on each dollar placed.

Whether your business is Textile Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Utility, Publishing, Trucking, Business Services or something else, NRA provides a systematic, highly effective, process for collecting delinquent commercial accounts. We offer a complete receivables management solution that tailors collection strategies to achieve optimum results in commercial debt recovery.  NRA can effectively deliver results that improve cash flow, lower operation costs, reduce bad debt expense and improve customer retention by working with our clients to form a true partnership.

We strive for timely and courteous personal contact with every debtor through strategically timed collection letters and telephone contact so that debts can be resolved.  Prompt and courteous communication by our experienced commercial collectors will result in payment or a report to you of the best course of action.

Our experience has shown that the probability of collecting a delinquent commercial debt drops dramatically with the length of delinquency.  It is important to refer accounts for collection before the probability of collection significantly declines.  “The longer you wait for your money the less chance of recovery”.

Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive receivables management solution for your delinquent commercial accounts.