National Recovery Agency employs a collection strategy of letters, phone calls, skip tracing services, credit bureaus, and litigation of accounts as necessary. NRA places special emphasis on telephone contact because it generates the highest recovery rates. All collectors follow strict guidelines for telephone contact as regulated by The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act .

On the same day an account is received and loaded on our system, we generate the first collection notice including the required validation statement for each debtor. Contact by phone is initiated once the 30 day validation period has expired.   While our efforts revolve primarily around telephone contact, collection letters supplement those efforts.  

We have trained skip tracers who have access to advanced on-line search utilities, credit bureau files, public record archives and several other means to assist in their location.
In the unlikely event the above collection procedures do not produce the desired results, the account is evaluated to determine the cost and benefits of litigation. Our legal staff closely monitors the performance of select attorneys for accuracy and proficiency.


Elements of Strategic Collections

A tailored collection strategy to meet your company's needs.

A hands on approach, backed by state of the art technology, provides the most effective, results oriented service possible. We investigate, communicate and take all reasonable collection steps to achieve a positive result.

 NRA’s debt collection success is based upon a strategic combination of the most effective methods of collection:

National Recovery Agency uses all the available technology to achieve the maximum cash return to our clients at the lowest possible cost.


Data Scrub and Scoring

As soon as accounts are loaded into our system, NRA will review all accounts and scrub each account, through an industry-standard identification vendor, prior to sending an initial demand letter. Accounts are immediately “scrubbed” for the following information:

Skip Tracing

Locating a debtor who is no longer at the given address is a crucial part of the collection process.  NRA uses a wide range of media and services to trace such parties.

Debtor Communication

NRA has the ability to communicate with debtors through the means of direct telephone contact and letter mailings in both English and/or Spanish. All accounts, regardless of the balance on the account will receive the initial demand notice and subsequent notices based on collection activity, along with timely phone contact.

Collection Letters and Notices

Letters series are a cost effective way to handle a large volume of delinquent accounts all while conveying the seriousness of the delinquency and escalating the collection process. 

At no charge to our clients, we routinely audit our letter strategy to ensure compliance with applicable state and federal laws.

In an attempt to motivate the consumer to take action, each notice is timed and designed to increase effectiveness.

Our primary emphasis is on approaching collections through telephone contact, with strategically timed collection notices sent throughout the collection process.  The frequency and number of letters can be customized to suit each client’s needs. 

Collection notices provide for:

Telephone Contact

Our methodology emphasizes the use of scheduled campaigns during prime time and weekend hours that also provide for timely and effective follow up with debtors, in all time zones. 

NRA makes the first telephone contact attempt with the debtor immediately after the 30 day validation period.  Our methodology emphasizes the use of scheduled campaigns during prime time and weekend hours that also provide for timely and effective follow up with debtors, in all time zones. 

In order to achieve maximum penetration of accounts through telecommunications, NRA uses a dialing service to penetrate inventory.  This service provides the following options:

Credit Bureau Reporting

All offices report accounts to Trans Union, Experian, and Equifax after 30 days to be placed on your customer’s credit report in accordance to the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

NRA Reporting Standards

Your policies and procedures are the driving force behind the customization of our collection strategies.  From data reporting to credit bureau reporting and beyond, National Recovery Agency  listens to you and tailors our solutions to your needs.